Day Trips & Tours

Springfield Walks & Tours works to follow industry standards building day trips and travel ecperiences.

  • Transportation is always the biggest expense.
  • Fuel surcharges are enacted anytime fuel prices go up.
  • We work to keep our prices within travel industry standards.
  • Day trips at $200 a day or less, $250 for a premium day.
  • Domestic travel the travel industry staandard is about $1500-$2500 a week, we work to make our domestic trips at $1500 or less. 
  • International travel the standard is about $5,000 a week, we work to make our 5-7 international trips at $3,000.
  • Many tour operators mark up or round up vendor prices on tours and excursions. What we pay is what you pay. We don’t mark up vendor prices so help keep your cost low.
Day Trips & Tours 1

Springfield Walks & Tours offers day trips and other travel trips for individual or group sign up. 

About Our Travel Experiences!

Group travel trips is our wheelhouse. If you have an club or organization and want a group travel experience we can help.

We can make all of the arrangments for most any US or Western Europe destinations. 

                Springfield – Chicago – St. Louis – New York 
              London – Edinburgh – Dublin – Paris – Munich

Our guides are seasoned professionals graduating from ITMI, International Tourism Management Industry. They have years of experience to most corners of the world. 

                We specialize in group travel experiences! 

  • We want your travel to be more than a good tour, any tour operator worth a salt can build a good tour. 

  • We want your itinerary to give you life experiences. 

  • We want you to experience the sites and attraction on your itinerary by engaging with tour guides, educators, and demonstrators either through discussions or hands -on. 

  • We want you to experience the culture by getting off the tourist path and engage with locals when possible. 

  • We want you to return home having enriched in some way as the result of your travel experience. 

  • If your trip is more than a memory, we’ve done our job!



                        Special Group Travel Experiences!

The London Theater Tour – Spend 5 plus days in the Theater Capitol of the World for continuing education classes at the famous Pineapple Studios and London theater stages. Receive training from actual West End Theater actors and actresses. Receive certificates of training for your acting portfolios. Affordable. Great for community theater groups. 

Artist Tour of Paris – Spend 5 plus days in the Artist Capitol of the World seeing famous works of art and visitng homes and work studios of some of the greats like Rodin, Picasso, and Monet. Engage with local artists at coops and cafes. Various classes and experiences available. In Paris everything is a work of art! Return home inspired to create!

Battlefield Tours – Affordable and educational tours of a number of different battlefield and war history experiences. There are so many possibilities that it’s best to contact us to discuss interests and budgets. These trips define the word experiences. Take in museums and walk hallowed ground where significant actions took place. 

London Blitzkreig – WW II Paris and the Underground – D-Day Landing Beaches – Bastogne – Munich/3rd Reich – Eagle’s Nest & Bertchesgaden – Salzburg – Dachau – WW I Trenches of Rouen – and more!

Vicksburg – Gettysburg – Manassas – Chickamauga – Stone’s River – Shiloh – Ft. Donelson – Kennesaw Mountain – and more!

If you have an idea for your group, let us know, we can build a great trave lexperience for you within you budget!





All of our fall tours will follow CDC and State of Illinois COVID guidelines for everyone’s health and safety as much as possible. Masks and hand sanitizer will be provided.