The Springfield Lincoln Experience

Giving you all the history and mystery that Lincoln’s Springfield has to offer!

Home of the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Family Home

Abraham Lincoln saved this nation during our darkest time, he paid the ultimate price, indeed the entire Lincoln family paid a price, and if you’re looking for a hero that can unite and inspire people, you’ll find that message in the history and words of Abraham Lincoln.

The Springfield Lincoln Experience 1

Travel planning isn’t always an easy task for groups. There’s a lot to consider such transportation, hotels, site entries, meals, and more, and it all has to fall in line for the trip to work for everyone’s enjoyment. If you’re not up for that task, we would like to take that on that task for your group and save you time and frustration trying to do the planning on your own. A Traveler’s Rest representative will assist you through the whole process from planning to returning safely home with your group.

School class trips – Band trips – Scouting groups – Theater groups – Church groups – Bank groups – Reunion groups – Military groups – Park district groups – Scholar groups – Senior groups

Why choose the Springfield Lincoln Experience

It’s a legitimate question when there are several other travel companies offering similar services service to St. Louis.

  • You’ll be supporting a small but experienced family company that is locally owned.
  • Competitive pricing because we’re a smaller company and don’t have all of the corporate expenses to feed. 
  • Knowledgeable and professional guides with years of experience. 
  • We offer educational and historical programs for students and groups for an interactive experience the other companies don’t offer.

Perhaps our biggest advantage over other student travel companies is that we have been escorting tour groups to Midwest cities like St. Louis for years. We work with the St. Louis Convention & Visitor’s Bureau, historical sites and attractions, and we know all the nuances and policies of securing proper site reservations and getting in and out of the sites. Group travel is our wheelhouse.

Ready to start planning your Springfield Experience trip?

A Traveler’s Rest rep will assist you through the entire process

Step 1: Contact us with specific details about your group.
Step 2: Select the sites you want to visit.
Step 3: Select your meal/hotel options.
Step 4: Review your itinerary with your rep.
Step 5: Price out your trip/Sign contract
Step 6: Sell your trip to your group members.
Step 7: Pay for all trip members
Step 8: Final review of travel plans
Step 9: Show up on time for departure                          
Step 10: Enjoy your St. Louis Experience!

Old State Capital

Cost of Tours

There’s a number of factors that influence the cost of experience tours; gas prices, entry fees, program costs, food prices, etc. We want your business, so we work to give you the experience tour that you would expect, but also to keep our prices low and competitive.

Included in the price:

  • Deluxe motor coach transportation
  • On board tour guide on arrival
  • Hotel/hot breakfast
  • All site/activity entry fees
  • Travel insurance
  • Lunch/dinner options
  • A tip for your driver

Not included:

  • Drinks/snacks
  • Optional tour guide tip
  • Any expenses incurred not included in the contract

Historical Site Reservations

What You Need To Know:

  • All site reservations are done through the Springfield Convention & Visitor’s Bureau, and we work to get you the site reservations you want for your group.
  • Please understand that there is only a specific number of allowable group tour slots at the sites per day.
  • Group reservations are guaranteed on a first come first serve basis.
  • Best advice is to make your site request with us as soon as possible.
  • Many groups get their itineraries set 4-6 months prior to the date of travel.
  • The Lincoln home is the hardest site to get in to. Request this reservation at least 4-6 months before date of travel.

Old State Capitol

List of sites to Choose

Select a 1st , 2nd , and 3rd choice of sites. For example, if the Lincoln home is not available at all on your selected date of travel, what would be your 2nd and 3rd choices.

Main Lincoln Sites:

  • Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum
  • The Lincoln Home National Park
  • Lincoln Neighborhood (no home entry)
  • The Old State Capitol
  • The Lincoln Tomb
  • New Salem State Park

Other Lincoln Related Sites:

  • First Presbyterian Church
  • The Great Western Railroad Depot
  • Edwards Place
  • The Elijah Iles House

State of Illinois Sites:

  • Illinois State Capitol
  • Illinois Governor’s Mansion
  • Illinois Supreme Court
  • Illinois State Military Museum
  • Illinois Veteran’s Memorials
  • Frank Lloyd Wright House

List of Historical Programs to Choose (30-60 minute programs)

Some programs are free others have a cost. Tell us what interests you and we’ll tell you what’s available. This is only a partial list.

  • Civil War Technology – This program has a variety of topics to choose from relative to the Civil War such as A Soldiers Life or Civil War Medicine.
  • Historical Reenactor – Meet and talk with Abraham or Mary Lincoln, General Grant, Billy Herndon, Elizabeth Keckly, Harriet Tubman.
  • Archival Artifacts – A member of collections will present historical artifacts from the vault and give a presentation.
  • NPS Ranger Presentation – A ranger will give a 20-minute talk about a career with the NPS.
  • Band Clinics – Band clinics available at the University of Illinois Springfield.
  • Theater Workshops – Theater workshops available at UIS and Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum


Good food is an important part of travel, we make every effort to ensure everyone gets fed and enjoys their meals.

We make every effort to make sure that food allergies and special diets are respected, however, per your contract we cannot be not responsible for an individual’s diet or food allergy. We highly suggest that if someone has a severe food allergy has diet restrictions that they bring their own food for best assurance of their safety. Also, halal food is difficult to do in Springfield, unfortunately.

We also suggest that you get your site reservations secured first. It easier to decide the best meals options based on the sites reservations and time slots you get.

Some schools opt to bring their own sack lunches to keep the trip cost down.

Lunch and Dinner Options:

The typical price point we charge for lunches is $8 lunches, and $12 for dinners per person.

  • Several dine-in lunch/dinner options and boxed lunch/dinner delivery options
  • There are limited places for picnic lunches and weather can factor in.
  • Subway – Located inside the presidential museum, good option if already there.
  • Godfather’s – Dine-in; salad bar, fried chicken, chicken tenders, mashed potatoes, gravy, mac and cheese, corn. desert pizzas, cookies, ice cream, and plenty of pizzas on the buffet.
  • Boxed lunch or dinner delivery; personal pizzas, or chicken strips with Cole slaw, or mashed potatoes/gravy, meat/cheese sandwiches with chips, cookie and a bottle of water.
  • Dew Chili Parlor – Dine-in only; cheeseburger and fries, bowl of chili and fries, hot dog and fries, or large salad with grilled chicken.
  • Golden Coral – Dine-in only; This is a large buffet with everything.
  • Supreme Buffet – Dine-in only; large Asian buffet but they also have familiar food like pizza, roast beef, fries, mac and cheese, etc. This place gets high marks because of the variety. They also have a chef’s grill and can cook an all fresh meal for you in minutes. Gluten free options here. Anyone with shellfish allergies should be cautious here.
  • McAlister’s – Sandwich delivery only, chips, cookie and a water.
  • Panera Bread – Sandwich delivery only, chips, cookie and a water.
  • Head West Subs – Sandwich delivery only, chips, cookie and a water.
  • McDonald’s – Students can each choose any value meal, or a salad and drink. Dine-in only.


There are a number of factors that can influence travel plans so each of our itineraries are customized to fit the needs of your group. Typically, a full day would include 5 sites with a lunch and a dinner. Or 4 sites and a historical program with a lunch and dinner. We are unable to guarantee that you will get site reservations in the order you select due to reservations already in the system taking up time slots. We will do our best for you, but best advice here is to be flexible and get your requests to us as soon as possible. It really depends on the make-up up your group and the time you have to visit. Contact your TRT rep to brainstorm the possibilities for your group and to receive sample itineraries.

5 historical sites visits, lunch and dinner options

  • 9am arrive – Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum
  • 11am – The Old State Capitol
  • 12 noon – Lunch option
  • 1:15pm – The Lincoln Home National Park
  • 3pm – The Lincoln Tomb
  • 4pm – Illinois State Capitol
  • 4:45 – Dinner option
  • 6pm – Depart for home

4 historical sites, 1 historical program, lunch and dinner options

  • 9am arrive – Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum (90-minute visit)
  • 11am – Archival Artifact Program
  • 12 noon – Lunch option
  • 1:15pm – The Lincoln Home National Park
  • 3pm – The Old State Capitol
  • 4pm – The Lincoln Tomb
  • 4:45 – Dinner option
  • 6pm – Depart for home

Group Tour Request

We’ve escorted individuals, families, politicians, generals, admirals, rock stars, all kinds of groups, and nearly 60,000 school kids since 2005!