Paris & Normandy, France

   Paris & Normandy Landing Beaches – September19-25, 2024                       6 Nights 7 Days – Includes Most Expenses                                                       Price to be determined 

This is a “bucket list” opportunity to visit the historic landing beaches of Operation Overlord followed by an uplifting experience in Paris, France. You’ll spend 3 days exploring the Normandy battlefield with a professional Normandy guide. Stand on the very ground made famous in movies such as the Longest Day, Saving Private Ryan, and Band of Brothers. Bivouac in the small French coastal village of Bayeux, the first village liberated by the Allies. Then spend another 2 and a half days experiencing the world class sites of Paris! To the top of Tower Eiffel, gaze on the Mona Lisa, stand before Notre Dame as final repairs are made, and so much more! See the list of highlights and what’s all included on this affordably priced trip.

Paris & Normandy, France 1
Long sur Mere Gun Battery. This gun once rained hellfire down on Omaha Beach. Now silent, it remains as a reminder for what took place here.
Paris & Normandy, France 3
Paris & Normandy, France 3
Paris & Normandy, France 7
General Eisenhower addresses men of the 502nd Parachute Infantry Regiment of the 101st Airborne on the evening of June 5th, 1944
Paris & Normandy, France 9
Combat jump from a C-47 into Normandy, France


Normandy Highlights:

  •  All 5 Landing Beaches
  • American Cemetery
  • Point du Hoc
  • La Cambe German Cemetery
  • Mereville Gun Battery
  • Long sur Mere Gun Battery
  • Brecourt Manner
  • 101st Airborne Museum
  • Caen Peace Memorial Museum
  • Battle of Normandy Museum
  • Hiesville
  • Dead Man’s Corner
  • Foucorville
  • St. Mere Eglise
  • Pegasus Bridge
  • La Fiere Bridge
  • Church au Plain
  • And whatever else we can fit in!
Paris & Normandy, France 11
2nd wave hitting Omaha Beach
Paris & Normandy, France 13
Normandy Battlefield from above
Paris & Normandy, France 3

Trip Includes Most Expenses:

  • Roundtrip economy airfare
  • Roundtrip airport shuttles
  •  Bayeux and Paris hotels
  • Tour guide/manager
  • Normandy/Paris transportation
  • Normandy battlefield guide
  • Hot/cold breakfasts
  • Welcome and farewell dinners, 2 dinners
  •  All site entries on itinerary
Paris & Normandy, France 17
Enjoy a Farewell Dinner on the Seine River

You Pay:

  • Required travel insurance
  • 6 Lunches
  • 4 Dinners
  •  Any airline extras
  • Any hotel extras
  • Applicable tips
  • VAT, similar to sales tax
  • Extra expenses you incur
Paris & Normandy, France 3
Paris & Normandy, France 21
Cathedral Notre Dame

Paris Highlights:

  • Eiffel Tower
  • The Louvre
  • Notre Dame (outside)
  • St. Chapelle
  • Sacre Cour
  • Napoleon’s Tomb
  • Monmartre
  • Palace of Versailles
  • Dinner Cruise on the Seine River
Paris & Normandy, France 23
The Louvre
Paris & Normandy, France 25
Bascilica Sacre Cour
Paris & Normandy, France 27
Mona Lisa by Leonard Davinci
Paris & Normandy, France 29
Front of Notre Dame
Paris & Normandy, France 3
Paris & Normandy, France 33
The Eiffel Tower

Trip Advantages:

  • Priced affordably for a week in France and includes most expenses. 
  • Tour guide to accompany the group the entire trip.
  • Great “bucket list” opportunity.
  • More detailed tour of the battlefield than a single day.
  • Your wife has always wanted to visit Paris, now is the opportunity to make good on that!
Paris & Normandy, France 35
Palace of Versailles and the King Neptune Fountains
Paris & Normandy, France 37
Hall of Mirrors in the Palace where the WW I Armistice was signed


  • 40 person minimum

  • 52 person maximum

  • Seats sold first come first serve

  • Springfield shuttle to O’Hare Airport and return and avoid $100 plus airport parking fee

  • Full payment and sign-up deadline is 7/4/24
Paris & Normandy, France 3

Trip Requirements:

  • Must have a valid U.S. Passport.
  • Must be 18 or accompanied by guardian.
  • Must purchase provided travel insurance.
  • Must be able to travel light.
  • Must be healthy enough to walk and withstand the rigors of international travel.
  • The group will likely be mostly older adults and veterans and we will try to move at that pace as best we can.
  • All COVID restrictions have been lifted, vaccination not required.
Paris & Normandy, France 41
The American Cemetery on the bluffs above Omaha Beach where these soldiers fell
Paris & Normandy, France 43
Once a battlefield draw up the bluffs, now steps down to the sands of Omaha Beach today

2 Ways to Pay for Trip:

  1. Mail in payment
    – Make check payable to:
    Springfield Walks Tours

    – Mail to:
    425 S. 7th St. 
    Springfield, Il. 62701

    2. Credit Card Payment

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        – There is a 4% processing fee for cc                         payments. No fee to mail in a check.        

                   Price to be announced

Paris & Normandy, France 3

Refund & Cancellation:

  • All sales are final. Refunds are not possible due to contractual obligations.

  • If you are unable to go once you’ve paid you have 2 options; make a claim on the travel insurance, or you may transfer your reservation to another person that has met trip requirements. 

  • If the trip cancels due to the minimum number of participants not met you will receive a full refund.

  • If the trip cancels due to force manjeure a refund is possible prior to 7/4/24. After 7/4/24 a travel insurance claim will need to be made.

  Interestred? How to Sign-up?

  • Call or email us at the address below and we’ll send you the information intake form and trip contract.

  • Feel free to call with questions, or arrange an in person meeting if local.

  • Fill out the intake form and sign the contract. Return it with check payment or call with cc payment.

  • Once payment is made, then purchase required travel insurance provided for you.

  • Once travel insurance is purchased, you will receive your travel documents and clearance to travel.

Intake Information Needed:

  •  Printed name exactly as it appears on your passport. Misspellings can prevent travel at the airport.

  • Photocopy of  inside cover of your of information page of your passport.

  • Mailing address, email address, phone number.

  • Name and contact information for person traveling with you, or on own.

  • Name and contact information for two emergency contacts in the U.S. Be sure to leave a copy of your passport with emergency contacts.
Paris & Normandy, France 3
Paris & Normandy, France 3


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Paris & Normandy, France 51
Paris & Normandy, France 3
Paris & Normandy, France 3

All of our fall tours will follow CDC and State of Illinois COVID guidelines for everyone’s health and safety as much as possible. Masks and hand sanitizer will be provided.