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Private Local Tour Guide with Transportation

  • Holds up to 6 passengers
  • Automatic sliding doors
  • Front/rear climate control
  • Ambient lighting
  • Leather seats
  • Good views all windows
  • Clean & comfortable

Enjoy a private guided tour in the comfort of a well maintained Dodge Grand Caravan. 

Your professional and well-versed local history tour guide will ensure you receive a more elevated experience of your visit to Springfield no matter which tour you choose.

Receive a better and more thorough historical interpretation well beyond the time constraints  and limited knowledge of seasonal site interpreters.

These tours may not be for everyone, histories are intensive, especially Lincoln.

Tours include complimentary water and road snacks.

These tours are typically led by Garret Moffett who has been an interpreter in Springfield for seventeen years and represents Ward Hill Lamon for the historical sites and the History Comes Alive summer programs. Lamon was Lincoln’s best friend and personal bodyguard, but was not on duty that fateful night. 

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The Lincoln Experience! – This is a 4-hour private tour to three main Lincoln sites where you’ll be guided through a more complete history of Lincoln’s life in Springfield. Enjoy inside visits to Lincoln’s home, the Old State Capitol, and the Lincoln Tomb. Hear the human stories of Lincoln, the father, a husband, a lawyer and an aspiring politician. I’ll answer any questions and tell you stories sure to amuse you and warm your heart.  Elevate your experience to Springfield and leave with a deeper understanding and appreciation for Lincoln. This tour is intensive Lincoln and may not be suited for everyone, this is not an average site tour, it is the Lincoln Experience!

                                                                   This tour is our most popular private tour and dates can fill quickly.

                                                                                        Dates: Anytime I’m available and sites are open

                                                                                                               Time: 10am to 2pm

                                                                                                Cost: $150 set price for 1-6 people

                                                                            Online reservations required please.  / Direct booking link coming soon. 

                                             Until then click the booking link at the bottom of the home page and scroll until you find the tour you want. 

                         Begins: Meet inside the Lincoln Home Visitor Center, 426 S. 7th St. / Parking available on the street or the home parking lot.

Details: We’ll meet inside the Lincoln Home Visitor Center where I’ll facilitate your tour of the Lincoln home. After your ranger walks you through the house and once outside we’ll talk all about the park, Lincoln’s home life and his neighbors.  Then we’ll get in my van and drive downtown to the old capitol where I’ll tour you through the capitol and explain his law career, his rise into national politics, the fall of slavery, and his Springfield funeral, his final farewell. Then back to the van and we’ll drive out to the tomb site, and I’ll tour you through the tomb and explain the funeral, his burial, and the symbolism of the tomb. As time allows we can drive through the cemetery or by other sites.

    If we need to break for lunch we can do that, it just means the tours extends another hour to 3pm. Otherwise complimentary water and road snacks are provided.

         IMPORTANT: Please text 217-502-8687 the night prior to your tour date to touch base and so I know that you’re ready for your tour in the morning.

Tour Note: The Old State Capitol is expected to close down again sometime this summer for additional renovations. In the event the old capitol is closed we will be limited to discussing the history from the outside. OR you can choose another site to tour through, OR I can add in all kinds of other interesting Lincoln history where events took place, OR we can spend more time in the cemetery where there’s a lot more Lincoln, Civil War, and other histories. 

 Bottom line is that I will do whatever it takes to make sure that you are satisfied with your Lincoln Experience Tour. Feel free to discuss options with me.

Also, be aware that due to an overreach of politics and political correctness, much of the Lincoln history has been sanitized, and the Douglas history has been erased from the Old Capitol. This tour will not sanitize any history to ensure that you get the factual history and the truth without political agenda. 

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Lincoln’s New Salem Village – New Salem is about eighteen miles north of Springfield and sits on a ridge line along the nearby banks of the Sangamon River under the canopy of a serine forest. Here is where a 21 year old Abraham Lincoln would find his footing in life and find work as a land surveyor, the postmaster general, and the part owner of a dry goods store. Explore the 1830s recreated village of log homes and workshops that sit on their original foundations. Discover Lincoln’s dry goods store and see his original surveying tools, even look into a mirror Lincoln saw his own reflection in. Hear about Lincoln’s young adult life, his law studies and his first run for political office that would shape his future one day as president. This tour is intensive Lincoln and sets the stage for the Springfield history of Lincoln.

                                                                                            Dates: Anytime I’m available and the site is open

                                                                                                                   Time: 3-hours

                                                                                                   Cost: $125 set price 1-6 people

                                                                                                          Begins: Hotel pick-up

This tour is by arrangement only due to other tour schedules. Call 217-5028687 or email  to discuss availability and tour arrangements.

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The 1908 Race Riot – In August of 1908 Springfield was besieged by a three day race riot that left two neighborhoods burned, destroyed and smoldering for days. Over forty homes and businesses were destroyed, black citizens were forced to hide or flee town for their safety, and two black men were hung in the streets, perhaps a third. Other black men were found shot dead. On this 3-hour tour we’ll stop at each of the 8 historical markers where significant events took place, we’ll stop at the Badlands archaeological site of several “colored” owned homes that were burned and where the heaviest rioting took place. You’ll also view a number of historical photos of the riot in the aftermath. Learn the socio-economic and political genesis of the riot and how it unfolded and how it was ultimately put down. We’ll discuss the rioters, their confessions and how they got away with murder by sympathetic judges and juries and disappearing witnesses. And we’ll talk about the ongoing hardships black families faced post riot trying to put their lives back together.  As time allows we can also visit the graves of the two martyred black men. However, as tragic as this riot was it did serve as the catalyst for the formation of the NAACP. This tour is the only option for a complete history of the infamous riot. 

This tour contains graphic historical interpretation and may not be suitable for everyone. It is the intention of this tour to give an accurate historical interpretation of events without political agenda. Lest we forget. 

                                                                                                        Dates: Anytime I’m available

                                                                                                                   Time: up to 3-hours

                                                                                                      Cost: $80 set price 1-6 people

                                                                        Begins: Meet at the corner of 7th St. and Jefferson or hotel pick-up

This tour is by arrangement only due to other tour schedules. Call 217-5028687 or email  to discuss availability and tour arrangements.

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Oak Ridge Cemetery – This a 2-hour tour of the 2nd largest cemetery in Illinois and one of the most visited cemeteries in the nation brimming with history. Oak Ridge Cemetery is a classic example of a Victorian cemetery. Learn about Victorian burial customs, tombstone symbolism, and epitaphs of the dead. Visit the graves of Mary’s sisters, Lincoln’s law partners, and others woven into the fabric of the Lincoln history. There’s also the graves and histories of ten Civil War generals, thousands of soldiers, six Illinois governors, the civil rights history of the old colored section, and the plot of the friendless, and we’ll end the tour talking about one very naughty bishop!

                                                                                                             Date: Anytime I’m available

                                                                                                                      Time: 2-hours

                                                                                                                        Cost: $80

                                                                                             Begins: Meet at cemetery or hotel pick-up

This tour is by arrangement only due to other tour schedules. Call 217-5028687 or email  to discuss availability and tour arrangements.

Oak Ridge Cemetery
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