Salute to Military Tour

         Convention Groups – Associatioms – Military Reunions

                3/4 day tour of Springfield’s military sites 

This is a popular tour among veteran groups and those with military backgrounds and interest. On this full day tour a professional and knowedgeable guide will lead the group to the military sites and offer historical commentary to educate and  entertain the group to ensure an enjoyable day of history and commradery. 

You’ll visit the impressive Illinois War Memorials located inside of Oak Ridge Cemetery that includes the Illinois Vietnam Memorial, the Korean War Memorial, WW I, and the WW II Memorials. Next visit the incredible 2 hanger private Air Combat Museum that contains restored and functioning historical military aircraft and other hardware. Here is the only place you’ll see a P-51 Mustang and a Vough F4 Cosair together. After lunch take in the Illinois State Military Museum that chronicles the involvement of the Illinois National Guard in history. See General Santa Ann’s wooden leg captured by Illinois troops as spoils of war. Staffed by combat veterans this visit always delivers memories and new friends. Then it’s on to the Grand Army of the Republic Museum dedicated to Civil War veterans and their service. Here you’ll see a variety of artifacts such as an original Civil War drum and a piece of the flag bunting from Ford’s Theater torn by Booth’s spur moments after shooting the President. After a day of military hardware and history it’s time to wind the day down at one of our local breweries pints and tastings. While here take stock in the day, enjoy friends, have a pint or two, try some amazing pizza, maybe a get a brewery tour…and call it a day well done. 

Sites Included:


  • State of Illinois War Memorials
  • Illinois State Military Museum
  • Air Combat Museum
  • Grand Army of the Republic Museum
  • Anvil & Forge Brewery / tastings and brewery tour
Salute to Military Tour 1
Illinois State Military Museum
Salute to Military Tour 3
Grand Army of the Republic Mound
Salute to Military Tour 5
Cobra Attack Helecopter - Patton Tank
Salute to Military Tour 7

Tour Includes:

  • Coach transportation
  • Group pickup/dropoff
  • Local guide
  • All site entry/donations
  • On board water
  • Lunch option


Choose a lunch option:

  • Self-pay or group lunch at most any restaurant.
  • Included group lunch


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  Military Reunions & Groups


Cost of Tour:

Each tour is a custom build for your group and cost depends on several factors.

  • Coach/gas
  • Number in group 

Call or email us to dicuss pricing and options for your group!


Salute to Military Tour 9
L'est we forget
Salute to Military Tour 11
Salute to Military Tour 13
Illinois Vietnam Memorial
Salute to Military Tour 15
Spanish-American War KIAs
Salute to Military Tour 17
Illinois WW II Memorial
Salute to Military Tour 7

All of our fall tours will follow CDC and State of Illinois COVID guidelines for everyone’s health and safety as much as possible. Masks and hand sanitizer will be provided.