The Group Lincoln Experience!

        Convention Groups – Associations – Travel Groups 

          This is our most popular group tour experience!

Enjoy a full day of touring the main Lincoln sites in Springfield on board a deluxe motorcoach for your comfort. Receive an elevated tour experience and historical interpretation well beyond the constraints of site interpreters with a profesional local guide. Hear the human stories of Lincoln, the father, a husband, a lawyer, and President-elect. Learn about his rise into national politics, the fall of slavery, and his brutal assassination and his funeral, the final farewell. End the day more endeared to Lincoln and having connected to Lincoln for your own Lincoln Experience!


  • The Lincoln Home
  • The Old State Capitol
  • The Lincoln Family Tomb
  • The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum
  • Drive-by other historical sites as time allows

Choose lunch option:

  • Self-pay scatter lunch
  • Included group lunch
  • Lunch with Lincoln, choose Abraham or Mary, or both!
We will take care of all arrangements so all there is for you to do is to step on board the coach and enjoy the day!


Tour Includes:

  • Coach transportation
  • All site entry fees and donations
  • Professional Lincoln guide
  •  On board water
  • Possible meal option
The Group Lincoln Experience! 1
Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum
The Group Lincoln Experience! 3
Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum
The Group Lincoln Experience! 5
The traditional rubbing of Lincoln's nose!

             The Lincoln Experience!

                A premium tour experience
              Our #1 best selling group tour

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If you are a travel group with your own transportation wanting a tour of the sites click on “Step-on Guide” services for details, or contact us.

If you are a school group wanting a tour of the sites please click on “Group Travel Planning” or contact us. 

Why hire the Lincoln Experience?

  • Professional, knowlegeable guides.
  • We know the nuances of getting in and out of the sites.
  • We have a solid relationship with the SCVB and site staff.
  • Save time figuring out site reservations and street directions.
  And we’ve escorted over 70,000 visitors to the Lincoln sites since 2005! 


Each tour is a custom build for your group.

Pricing depends on several factors:

  • Coach/gas
  • Number on group
  • Choice of lunch options
    – self-pay scatter, group meal, or lunch with Abe or Mary
           Contact us to discuss details and pricing for your group!


               / 217-502-8687


The Group Lincoln Experience! 7

Meal Options:

Self-pay scatter lunch at any one of the downtown resturants.

An included group meal at most any restaurant in town.

Or lunch with Abraham or Mary Lincoln. This option will include a premium lunch at a downtown resturant. With this option choose a 1-2 entree lunch that includes a starch and vegetable, desert and basic drinks. Or choose the soup, salad, and sandwich option for the best price. 

The Group Lincoln Experience! 9

Lunch with Lincoln:

This option is solely based on the availability of the actors.

Choose Abraham, Mary or both!

While eating lunch Lincoln will talk on most any topic and engage with the people as much as possible. Performances always include Q&A time.

The Group Lincoln Experience! 11

All of our fall tours will follow CDC and State of Illinois COVID guidelines for everyone’s health and safety as much as possible. Masks and hand sanitizer will be provided.