The Lincoln Experience – Private Tour

 Experience Lincoln Like You Never Have!

The Lincoln Experience is a private tour of 3 main Lincoln sites: the Lincoln home, the Old State Capitol, and the Lincoln Tomb. At each place your guide will give you historical interpretation well beyond the constraints of the site interpreters. You’ll also hear light-hearted amusing stories of Lincoln’s sense of humor and humanity.
Hear the human stories about Lincoln; a father and a husband. Learn about his family life, Mary and the boys. We’ll talk about the neighborhood, his neighbors, and the underground railroad site just down from Lincoln’s home.
We’ll stand outside his law office (building closed) and talk about Lincoln how he became a lawyer, his career as a circuit rider, and several of his court cases. He was regarded as the finest lawyer in Illinois by 1858.
We’ll stand outside the old capitol (closed for rennovations until June 2024). Learn about Lincoln’s start in politics, the 1858 election and the presidential race. We’ll discuss Lincoln’s rise into national politics and the fall of slavery that begins in Springfield. And we’ll talk about his funeral in the old capitol, his final farewell.
Note: The old capitol is expected to open sometime early summer. Until then we will also go to the Lincoln Depot. If a weekday tour we’ll go inside. Here you’ll learn about Lincoln’s departure from Springfield, and hear the famous Farewell Address. 
Finally, we’ll drive out to Oak Ridge Cemetery. We’ll drive bythe graves of Lincoln’s law partners, Mary’s sisters, Civil War generals, and others woven into the Lincoln history. We’ll stop at the old receiving vault where Abraham and Willie Lincoln were originally laid to rest and talk about Lincoln’s funeral. Once at the Lincoln’s Tomb we’ll discuss the contruction of the tomb and the symbolism to Lincoln’s legacy. Inside you’ll hear about the famous statuary and walk the catecomb to the family burial chamber. Here you’ll hear about the burials of Lincoln and his family, the attempted theft of his remains, and his final burial in 1901.
                   This is the Lincoln Experience!
This will be one the most informative tours you’ve been on.
You’ll leave with a deeper appreication and understanding of perhaps our greatest president.
       It is intensive Lincoln and may not be for everyone or younger children.

Tour includes: transportaion, guide, quality historical commentary, water, light road snacks, and entry into the sites.

               Cost: $150.00 for your party up to six people
                          Cash or CC payable day of the tour

The Lincoln Experience - Private Tour 1
The Lincoln Home Today
The Lincoln Experience - Private Tour 3
Dignitaries posing outside of Lincoln's home
The Lincoln Experience - Private Tour 5
Old Bob, Lincoln's horse with mourning blanket out front.

           Call, text, or email to first check my availability

            217/502-8687 – 

2024 Dates Booked: 3/5, 3/22, 4/5. 4/11, 4/19, 4/20, 4/24, 4/26,  May is fully booked.

The Lincoln Experience - Private Tour 7
The Lincoln Experience - Private Tour 9
Illinois State Capitol deorated for Lincoln's funeral
The Lincoln Experience - Private Tour 11
Soldiers guarding over Lincoln's remains inside the old receiving vault at Oak Ridge Cemetery
The Lincoln Experience - Private Tour 13
Sangamon County courthouse in the background of this east view of the capitol
The Lincoln Experience - Private Tour 15
President Lincoln's funeral catalfalque in the Illinois House of Representatives, May 3-4, 1865. Approximately 150,000 came to Springfield to pay respects to the fallen president. 78,000 filed past his coffin within his 24-hour respose.
The Lincoln Experience - Private Tour 17
Mourners entering into the Illinois State Capitol
The Lincoln Experience - Private Tour 19
The Springfield hearse used for Lincoln's funeral. The hearse was borrowed from St. Louis as Springfield did not have a fancy hearse at the time. It was destroyed by a fire in 1887 in St. Louis.

The Lincoln Special

Day of Tour:

  • Meet inside the Lincoln home visitor center, 426 S. 7th St. 
  • Tour time is 10am, be early so we can start on time.
  • Once done at the Lincoln home, we will move on to other sites using my Dodge Grand Caravan. 
  • Water and light road snacks available for you.
  • We can pause the tour for lunch if needed, or we can tour straight through. If lunch, then the tour will extend to 3pm.
  • Once we’ve done the historical sites justice your party can be dropped off anywhere you like in the downtown. 
The Lincoln Experience - Private Tour 21


Private Tour

1 - 6 people for one price

Cash or CC payable day of tour

This tour is in high demand and dates do fill quickly during peak tour season.

Inquiries made on arrival in town accepted up to 9pm, I might be available the next morning. Call, text, or email: 217-502-8687

The Lincoln Experience - Private Tour 7

“When we part ways, it is my hope that I leave you with a deeper understanding and appreciation for Abraham Lincoln and what he endured to save our nation in our darkest hour. ” – Garret Moffett

The Lincoln Experience - Private Tour 7
The Lincoln Experience - Private Tour 7

All of our fall tours will follow CDC and State of Illinois COVID guidelines for everyone’s health and safety as much as possible. Masks and hand sanitizer will be provided.