The Lincoln Experience – Private Tour

 Private Tour

Note: The Old State Capitol will be closed for rennovations this season. We will still stand outside his law office (also closed) and the capitol building and dicuss Lincoln’s rise into politics , his law career, and the fall of slavery that begins in the old capitol in 1858. 
Tour will now includes entry into the Lincoln home, the Lincoln Depot, and the Lincoln Family Tomb. We will also do a drive through the old section of Oak Ridge Cemetery highlighting the extended Lincoln and Civil War history. Mary’s sister’s, his law partners, ten Civil War generals, and one very naughty bishop!

Cash or CC payable day of tour

Call, email, or text to first check my availability / 217-502-8687

Price: $150 up to 6 people for one price. Includes transportation, historical interpretation, water, light snacks. Sites are free.

This will be one of the most informative private tours you’ve ever been on.

The Lincoln Experience - Private Tour 1
The Lincoln Family Home

Lincoln's Funeral at the Old Capitol

The Lincoln home decorated for the funeral held in Springfield May 3-4, 1865. Lincoln's horse "Old Bob" is seen out front wearing a black mourning blanket.

Hear the human stories of Lincoln. the father, a husband, a lawyer, and an aspiring politician. Learn about his rise into national politics, the fall of slavery, and his funeral, the final farewell.

The Lincoln Special

"You’ll hear human stories of Lincoln; the father, husband, a lawyer, and an aspiring politician."

Garret Moffett typically guides this half day private guided tour that moves at your pace. 

“This is a private tour that you hire me for and includes entry into 3 main Lincoln sites; the Lincoln home, the Lincoln Depot, and the Lincoln Tomb where I’ll guide you through the Lincoln history and tell you stories well beyond the constraints of site interpreters. And once I found out what intrigues you about Lincoln I can then tell you stories towards your interest so you can connect to the Lincoln history in your own meaningful way.”

The Lincoln Experience - Private Tour 3

Lincoln's Springfield horse drawn hearse

The Lincoln Experience - Private Tour 5

Springfield mourners waiting the arrival of the Lincoln Special at the depot

The Lincoln Experience - Private Tour 7

Springfield mourners entering into the Old State Capitol for Lincoln's repose

The Lincoln Experience - Private Tour 9

Soldiers guarding over Abraham and Willie Lincoln in the receiving vault

The Lincoln Experience - Private Tour 11

Tomb of Abraham Lincoln, Springfield, ILL

The Lincoln Experience - Private Tour 13

Lincoln's funeral catafalque in the Illinois House of Representatives Old State Capitol

"I want us to part ways with you more endeared to Lincoln and a deeper understanding of what he and his family endured to save our nation in our darkest hour."

This tour may not be for everyone, it is intensive Lincoln, and not an average site tour.

This tour is available all year around!

(Subject to Historic Site Hours)

Tour Details: We’ll meet at 10am inside the Lincoln home visitor center, 426 s. 7th St. on your tour date. I’ll facilitate your tour through Lincoln’s home, then we’ll walk the street talking about the Lincoln’s neighbors and his home and family life. 

Then we’ll drive in my Grand Dodge Caravan downtown a few blocks away and stand outside the Old State Capitol where Lincoln served in the legislature. We’ll talk about Lincoln’s law career, his rise into national politics, and the fall of slavery. 

Next we’ll drive over to the the Lincoln Depot where he gave the famous Farewell Address. Check out the small waiting rooms , learn about the Inaugural and funeral trains, and hear the heartfelt speech.

Then we’ll drive out to the cemetery, and I’ll tour you through the Lincoln Tomb where the history will come full circle as we pay our respects. We’ll talk about the symbolism of the tomb, his funeral, the attempted theft of his body, and his final burial in 1901. Finish with a drive through the old section highlighting the extended Lincoln history.   

It takes four hours to do these three main Lincoln sites justice, but as time allows, we can drive by other sites, but we’ll move at your pace. If you need to take a break for a snack or lunch, we can do that without costing you time, or we can tour straight through. 

 2024 Tour Update: The Old State Capitol is expected to be open June 1st, 2024. 

The 2024 tour will include entry into the Lincoln home, the Old State Capitol and the Lincoln Tomb.

Dates: June 1st through the remainder of the year. Tour is available anyday I’m available.


Private Tour

1 - 6 people for one price

Cash or CC payable day of tour

This tour is in high demand and dates do fill quickly during peak tour season.

Inquiries made on arrival in town accepted up to 9pm, I might be available the next morning. Call, text, or email: 217-502-8687

The Lincoln Experience - Private Tour 15

All of our fall tours will follow CDC and State of Illinois COVID guidelines for everyone’s health and safety as much as possible. Masks and hand sanitizer will be provided.