Lincoln’s New Salem State Park Tour

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3 hour guided tour of New Salem Village

Just north of Springfield about seventeen miles is the 1830s log homes and workshops of New Salem Village where 21-28 year old Abe Lincoln lived and found his footing in life. Here is where he would make his mark in life as a land surveyor, postmaster general, and the owner of a dry goods store. Here is where Lincoln would study law and become a lawyer and make his first political run for office. Explore the historic village under the canopy of the forest and learn about Lincoln’s life that would shape his future as president. 

Tour Includes:

  • Coach transportation 
  • Tour guide/commentary
  • Lunch option
  • On board water
  • Site donation

  • Pickup at hotel
  • 20-minute drive to New Salem
  • Historical commentary there and back
  • 45 minute guided tour
  • Remaining time to explore on own
  • 20-minute drive back to Springfield
  • Hotel drop-off
Lincoln's New Salem State Park Tour 1
Discover the history of Lincoln's New Salem
Lincoln's New Salem State Park Tour 3
The Lincoln Berry Store
Lincoln's New Salem State Park Tour 5


Each tour is a custom build for your group and pricing depends on the following criteria.

  • Cost of coach/gas
  • Number in group
  • Lunch option
  • Clayville Stage Caoch stop
  • The Long Nine Museum

   Contact us to discuss options and pricing.


Lincoln's New Salem State Park Tour 7
Lincoln's New Salem State Park Tour 9
The Rutledge Tavern
Lincoln's New Salem State Park Tour 11

All of our fall tours will follow CDC and State of Illinois COVID guidelines for everyone’s health and safety as much as possible. Masks and hand sanitizer will be provided.